Integral Cinematic Experiences for the Holiday Season

While this has been a challenging year for many of us, it has also been a banner year for the invasion of integral structures of consciousness in the cinematic arts on both the big and small screen from major integral movies like Arrival, Doctor StrangeVoyage of Time and Star Trek Beyond to HBOs new integrally-informed streaming series Westworld

For those of us yearning for an integrally-informed "holiday spirit" cinematic experience, check out these two integrally-informed holiday offerings from Netflix's streaming service (if you don't have a subscription, you can get a one month free trial)...

Sense8 Christmas Special

For a deep and potentially transformative holiday cinematic experience check out the newly released Christmas Special for Netflix's original series Sense8 from the Wachowski's. The series is an integrally-informed dramatic journey that attempts to capture and help us viscerally experience the enmeshment of all four dimension-perspectives of our individual and collective interior and exterior world, as its characters and we the viewer experience the dissolving of the boundaries between individual subjective reality, collective relational reality, individual objective reality, and collective environmental reality. If you haven't already seen the first season of this beautifully transcendent series we highly recommend watching the whole season before watching the Christmas Special.

12 Dates of Christmas

If you are looking for a sweet and sappy integrally-informed Christmas movie, check out the ABC Family movie 12 Dates of Christmas on Netflix. Using the integrally-informed evolutionary time-loop formula from Groundhog Day with a Christmas spin and a female main character, this cute little movie is filled with holiday spirit and light on the outside and deep evolutionary patterns on the inside.

And for more integrally-informed movies and TV series there is always our Integral Movie and TV List on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) at:

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