What Makes a Media Work Integral?

Ask and ye shall receive! Many have asked me to define the process by which we determine that a film is Integral (ie operating from an Integral perspective). We have an old list some of you will have seen in Integral Goes to the Movies, but the work has advanced since then and it's time for an update.

Media Shaman Studio Series

The MEDIA SHAMAN STUDIO SERIES is series of ongoing integrally-informed dialogues I am hosting on movies that appear to be able to raise consciousness in some way. In association with the Conscious Good Creators Network.

Big Picture of the NOW

Here is a interview with me where I explore what my research on the co-evolution of media, consciousness, culture and society has to say about our current global situation and how transformative and conscious media may just be the key we need to help us through this Great Transition.

Integral Goes to the Movies

This is a video of a presentation I did on a new way to look at and think about the moving image in all its evolving forms based on the application of Integral Theory to the cinematic arts. This March 16, 2016 talk for Bay Area Integral at the Rudramandir Center in Berkeley, CA has been turbocharged with dozens of visual aids and nearly 100 film clips to create a multi-dimensional visceral experience of the evolution of cinematic consciousness.

The Pond

"The Pond" is one of my first Integrally-informed cinematic experiments where I attempted to use Integral transformative approaches to audiovisual expression to capture the presence and atmosphere of the natural environment of a pond and the state of consciousness one can acquire when meditating in this environment. The gentle movement and presence of swimming fish and the interplay of earth, water and light, combine to create a healing and calming energy, while subtle shifts in perspective and consciousness-altering audiovisual elements help stimulate the expansion of both inner and outer awareness.

My 45 Day Lived Inquiry Experiment

This is the introduction to my 45 day lived inquiry experiment to see if I can lay down the neural pathways to help me feel more comfortable in front of a camera and to also fully own and embody being an artist. All the videos from this experiment are available in my Lived Inquiry Journal Playlist

45 Days of Art

Here is a video showing the 45 works of art I created for my 45 Day Lived Inquiry creative experiment to see if I can lay down the neural pathways to help me more fully own and embody being an artist. The 45 day time period came from the book "Habits of a Happy Brain" by Loretta Breuning and for this experiment I did a work of art every day for 45 days. After this experiment I have continued to do a work of art every day and it has become a deeply important daily practice for me.

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