Media Shaman Toolkit  

A 3-part video course to improve your ability to make sense of the world, learn how to use the transformative potential of media, and help yourself and others evolve into the grounded consciousness we need right now

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With Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. and Jonathan Steigman

In these challenging times we are all being called to be Media Shamans, to use our media to heal and uplift the individual and the collective. Everyone who consumes, creates or shares media is being called. When you consume media of any kind you are being influenced in ways you are not even aware of. When you share content with others, you are a media content provider. If you are a creator of original content these times require a deep recognition of the power you hold, and a responsibility to learn how to use that power for the common good. 

If you post any content on social media, this means you.

With what is happening in the world every person with a smartphone can be called upon to be a citizen journalist at any moment. Be prepared and ready with this 3-part essential Media Shaman Toolkit.

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Media Shaman 101

Transformative Media Creation and Reception

A MEDIA SHAMAN Course in Designing and Creating Transformative Media Experiences for Self, Other and World

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Transformative Media Creation and Reception is a course for aspiring and accomplished change makers who want to learn how to use media to extend and deepen their efforts to create transformation in self, other and world. It will illuminate the comprehensive toolkit for designing media to catalyze healing, personal growth and the evolution of consciousness on an individual and collective level.

Together, we will learn about the co-evolutionary relationship between moving-image-based communication mediums, consciousness, media, culture and society, and how these mediums can be used as a driving force for individual and collective healing, growth, and revolutionary and evolutionary change and transformation. We will also be exploring how to consciously create and receive moving image works as a transformative practice for self, other and world through the development of both individual and group projects. No previous media-making experience required.

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Conscious Media-Making 101

An Introductory Mini-Course on Conscious Media Theory and Practice

In this introductory mini-course for the Conscious Good Creators Network, Integral Cinema Project founder Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. explores what is conscious media and conscious media-making, what are some of the different potential forms of conscious media-making, and how different states and stages of consciousness effect the media-making process. Mark also explores how these structures of consciousness within us are communicated between us, the works we create and the individuals and collectives that experience our works…and how this knowledge can be used to create deeper and more transformative media experiences for creators and viewers on the individual and collective levels. Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. is an award-winning filmmaker, transdisciplinary artist and media psychologist and researcher. As an artist and media-maker Mark has been exploring conscious art and media since childhood, attempting to use these creative mediums to help himself transcend his own communication challenges of being a severe childhood stutterer and find his "voice" and use that voice to help raise the consciousness of himself, others and the world. He is considered by many to be one of the pioneers in the conscious and transpersonal media movements and is the world's leading researcher and theorist in the application of Integral Theory to the cinematic arts. & www. Conscious Media Creators Network is a community-driven online media platform for visual storytellers dedicated to raising consciousness. Conscious Good launched the Creators’ Network as a place where conscious creators and audiences can connect. It’s a place to interact with fellow conscious media tribe members, share resources, ideas and support one another. Use the following link to join the network: This talk was presented on Sunday February 24, 2019 between 12pm to 1:30pm PST on the Conscious Good Creators Network as part of their "Stream of Consciousness" speaker series.


Meta-Movieology I and II

Basic and Advanced Courses on using the Moving Image Viewing Experience for Personal Growth, Transformation, and the Evolution of Consciousness.


Meta-Movieology is a groundbreaking meta-approach to developing an Integral and evolutionary perspective through a transformative moving image viewing practice. In the Meta-Movieology courses you will develop a deeper and more visceral understanding of the basic elements of the Integral and evolutionary approach by using the aesthetic and multisensory power of the moving image for embodied learning and evolutionary growth.


The moving image in all its evolving forms has a unique capacity for affecting multiple aspects of our being. Movies can make us think and feel deeply; they can give us new perspectives on self, other and world; they can immerse us in other worlds and give us rich and deep embodied experiences. In fact, recent research has revealed that immersive and virtual moving image experiences can actually produce the same neurological and biological responses in our brains and bodies as actual lived experiences.

Over the last several years Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. has discovered a profound and fun approach to using the power of movies to help us see, feel, and viscerally experience the integral and evolutionary perspective. This approach includes special viewing practices to help us experientially observe Integral frameworks within any moving image work and extend the profound theoretical concepts and perspectives of the Integral-evolutionary approach from the mind into our emotional and energetic bodies. These experiential perspective-taking exercises help us make the abstract concrete and make it easier for us to extend these perspectives into our everyday lives.

The Meta-Movieology courses are for anyone who loves movies and is interested in their own personal growth and development, for those interested in the transformative power of the moving image, and for anyone interested in Integral Theory. For those unfamiliar with Integral Theory it will offer a simple, powerful, and intuitive way into the integral-evolutionary perspective. For those already familiar with the Integral model, this is a wonderful opportunity to revisit and viscerally deepen your understanding of integral theory and see and feel how it can be applied to just about any interest, activity, or pursuit that you may have. For those who are interested in their own personal growth and development and love movies, either as a viewer or creator, this work will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding for the medium, along with a greater capacity to use it for healing and growth of self, other and world.

Join us for both the introductory and advanced courses, which explore how the Integrally-informed lenses of perception and expression can be utilized as powerful transformational practices for using any moving image work, from movies to video games, for your own evolutionary growth and development. The introductory course covers the six basic Integrally-informed lenses of holons, quadrants, levels, lines, states and types. The advanced course explores the advanced lenses of zones, altitudes, energies, methodologies, complexities and archetypes. In addition to introductory materials, the courses consist of modules with each one devoted to a individual Meta-Movieology lens and practice. The modules include audio and video lectures, assigned readings and assigned viewing practices for the lenses being explored.

Don't miss this exciting opportunity – Integral Theory and the movies will never look or feel the same... 


I was surprised at how deep the Meta-Movieology practice goes. After completing the course, I have a richer experience with films, which has cascaded into other areas of my life. 
– Heather, San Carlos, CA

I can't say enough good things about the Meta-Movieology course. It was delightful and profound. This course enabled me to see integral concepts in movies that I had not recognized before and that's saying a lot because I have followed Ken Wilber since his first publications. 
– Dennis, Silver Springs, MD

Mark is a great teacher! I am out of my league as far as my experience with integral is concerned, yet the materials, movies and weekly discussions in this course met me right where I was at. I found the meditations mind blowing and key to the shifts I am experiencing in my expanding awareness. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled on this opportunity. 
– Anne, Charlotte, NC

The Meta-Movieology course is at the theoretical, practical, and pedagogical cutting-edge of integral and evolutionary film theory and practice – it is a sophisticated training in how to experience film, and therein how to deepen one’s experience of the world within and around us. While being theoretically advanced, this course is taught in a manner that anyone, beginner or advanced practitioner, can readily get and do so with transformative results. I very highly recommend this course of study. 
– Michael, Augusta, GA


Mark Allan Kaplan, Ph.D. is an independent award-winning filmmaker and the pre-eminent theorist and practitioner of the application of Integral Theory to the cinematic arts. Mark has a B.A. in Motion Picture and Television Production from the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts, an M.F.A. in Motion Picture Directing from the American Film Institute, M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, and a Certificate in Integral Studies from Fielding Graduate University. He has worked professionally in the entertainment industry as a producer, writer, director, editor, researcher, and consultant. Mark's creative works have been shown on television, in theaters, schools, and colleges, and at film festivals and expositions around the world. He has also conducted seminal research in Integral, transpersonal, transformative, and transdisciplinary approaches to film, video, and multimedia at Interval Research Corporation, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and as founder and lead researcher of the Integral Cinema Project, an independent research, production, and educational initiative sponsored by the San Francisco Film Society. Mark received Integral Institute's 2008 Integral Life Award in recognition of his continuing groundbreaking research into the application of Integral Theory to cinematic media theory and practice.

Mark's work is the first mature application of Integral Theory to any domain of art. 
- Sean Esbjorn-Hargens, Ph.D. (Founding CEO of MetaIntegral)

Mark is the pre-eminent theorist and practitioner of integral cinema and his work represents one of the most advanced and profound meta-theory's of art and media to date. 
- Michael Schwartz, Ph.D. (Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Georgia Regents University)

Mark's passionate quest to explore the further reaches of film and media theory and practice is inspiring and holds great promise. 
- Jean Picker Firstenberg (President Emeritus, American Film Institute)





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