Integral Game-Changer - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (PODCAST)

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse (2018) is an Integral game-changer, a truly extraordinary film that transcends and includes the evolution of comics, anime and superhero films, and so many other domains, worlds, dimensions, perspectives and realities and integrates them into a wondrous, fun, classic yet Avant-garde, holistic, holonic, gestalt...integral masterpiece.

Join me, Integral Cinema Project lead researcher Mark Allan Kaplan, and associate researcher Jonathan Steigman for a quick and spoiler-free rave review podcast on YouTube at: or on Vimeo at:

ONE FACE: A Collection of Interfaith Prayers and Poems

My collection of interfaith prayers and poems for personal and communal interfaith and integral spirituality practice is now available online for viewing and for download. Available at:

One Face by MAK (Mark Allan Kaplan)

Every faith
has a different view
of the same Divine Reality;
Every heart
has a different way
of feeling
the One Love;
Every mind
has a different way
of understanding
the One Truth;
And every face
is a different form
of the
Divine Face.

Structures of Cinematic Consciousness

My new Integral Cinema Project white paper on Structures of Cinematic Consciousness is now available for online viewing and download.

This paper includes a preliminary mapping of how stages of human development and the structures of consciousness that make up each stage are embedded in moving image-based artifacts such as movies, television, online and mobile video, video games, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality mediums. These mappings are based on a meta-analysis of hundreds of moving image artifacts cross-referenced with research on stages of human development, structures of individual and collective human consciousness, human perception, creative expression, and cultural and social anthropology.

This research suggests that human beings project their structures of consciousness into their creative works. This in turn appears to create similar composites of structures of consciousness embedded in these works. In a sense these embedded consciousness structures create a kind of cinematic consciousness that lives within the constructed cinematic reality of these moving images.

Available at:

"Integral Goes to the Movies" Slideshow

The slide show for the "Integral Goes to the Movies" presentation I gave for Bay Area Integral is now available for viewing and download... Topics include the embedding of structures of consciousness in the moving image; the co-evolution of the moving image, consciousness, culture and society; more fully understanding the power of the medium and how it can be used for transformative and evolutionary purposes; and what is Integral theory and what makes a movie "integral"