The Time In-Between

Eyes to the sky

Feet leaving the ground

All around and inside me...

Heads in the sand

Rocks in hands

Faces behind masks

Viruses of the body, heart and mind

Darkness inside the light

Sparks between hearts

Butterflies in the stomach

Bare feet on the summit

Walking across burning hot coals

Forests on fire

Melting ice

Sunbeams crying in the Heavens

A trembling at the core

Poles polarizing, North and South

Wars raging, East and West

Social fabrics unraveling

Bonds breaking

Paths unwinding

Truths telling lies

Lies speaking truths

Yesterdays coming back as tomorrows

Living inside history

Boys becoming girls

Girls becoming boys

Alphas going wild

Shadows rising up

Fears afraid of themselves

Human swarms

A great storm

A quivering breath

Things becoming smarter

Minds going meta

Gravity pulling us harder down to the ground

Centrifugal force spinning us faster around

Virtual likes, dopamine fixes

Virtual windows across space and time

Talking cars taking us to an unknown home

Birthing pains in every soul


The old house is on fire

The old ship is sinking

Liminal waves washing over every shore

Old paradigms crumbling

New paradigms vying for a place in the sun

Disparate futures whispering on the other side of 


Feeling like I am living inside 

a time in-between…

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