May 2020 Conscious Movie-of-the-Month

This month’s Conscious Movie-of-the-Month is Cloud Atlas (2012).

Virtual Discussion date: May 23, 2020 at 1 p.m. PT

During the pandemic we will be focusing on media that can help us during this crisis by lifting our spirits and helping us gain a deeper and more expansive understanding of the challenges around us.

This month we will be exploring Cloud Atlas (2012), another groundbreaking evolutionary cinematic work by long-time Integral filmmakers the Wachowskis, whose Integral conscious cinema classic The Matrix Trilogy was our first Conscious Movie-of-Month selection exactly one year ago.

Cloud Atlas, which was co-directed with Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run), is another one of the Wachowskis’ grand cinematic experiments, this time in the form of an extremely complex century's-spanning evolutionary journey. The film explores the complex interweaving of many interconnected souls as they journey through multiple lifetimes, cycling through spiraling patterns of evolution and de-evolution. Amazingly this 2012 film is deeply resonant with these challenging times in the way its cinematic style hauntingly represents the shift in consciousness we are being called to make in this moment in human history. This shift moves us toward an increased capacity for complex multi-generational evolutionary perspective-taking and collective intelligence-based consciousness. Watching this film in many ways gives us a visceral cinematic experience that can potentially help train us in this emergent form of consciousness.

If you have not seen Cloud Atlas you can stream it on most of the major streaming services. We recommend watching the film at least twice, the second time with the intention of seeing any patterns of consciousness you had not seen before. You are also invited to share your thoughts, reflections and musings about the movie in our group's online discussion forum. And of course join us on May 23rd at 1 p.m. PST for our virtual discussion of the film and how it speaks to us at this moment in human history. As part of our virtual discussion we will be sharing a perception practice specifically designed to use this film for training us in this new emergent consciousness.


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