The Ark of Consciousness: A Creative Inquiry into a Model for Transformative Spatial Metadesign

Announcing the online posting of The Ark of Consciousness, my Masters Integral Paper that introduces a model for transformative spatial design that I developed using the example of the development of a transformative community and university with outreach, agency and enactment capacities.

This model for spatial metadesign is multidimensional in scope. The metadesign of this proposed transformative community space encompasses its structures, landscape, maintenance & services, subtle energy fields and organizational paradigm. The forces of community, personal growth, spiritual development, education, service, commerce, and ecology are interwoven throughout the community's function and form. The metadesign also attempts to bring together the symbols and archetypes of the worlds' spiritual traditions while aligning integral, transpersonal, complexity and ecological theories with action.

The metadesign of this community space exists on the gross, subtle and causal level. The gross level includes physical forms and the general functions of these forms. The subtle level is the realm of subtle energy fields, eco-design, sacred geometry, directional forces and numerological design elements. The causal level includes the goals, purpose, mission, vision and values of the community. These forces combined are designed to create a multidimensional environment to support, nurture and induce individual and collective transformations of consciousness. While this example is for a physical community space, the theories and approaches used can be equally applied to the creation of virtual and immersive spatial realities as well.

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