Integrally Unpacking Star Wars 1-7 (ICP and TEHNC Podcast)

What are the hidden patterns coursing through the "Star Wars" saga? Is J.J. Abrams' "The Force Awakens" just a PC remake of the original 1977 "Star Wars?" What is the best "Star Wars" film, anyway? 

To answer these questions Integral Cinema Project members Mark Allan Kaplan and Jonathan Steigman watched all 7 Star Wars films in their intended order and the experience surprised them both. From the prequel "poorly executed masterpieces" (1-3), to the seminal original Star Wars trilogy (4-6) and the recently-released first episode of the third trilogy, the Star Wars saga has shaped our culture and consciousness for nearly 40 years. Exploring the series through the lenses of Ring Theory and Integral Cinematic Analysis, Jonathan and Mark unpack new insights into George Lucas' monumental achievement.
Watch this joint ICP and TEHNC Podcast, Unpacking Star Wars 1-7 on the Integral Cinema Project YouTube Channel at: 

For a deeper dive into the application of Ring Structure to the "Star Wars" saga, check out Mike Klimo's excellent dissection at:

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