Mobile Art: Reflections on Making Art on Mobile Devices

Drawing on paper has a tactile feel to it. Drawing on a mobile device like a large smartphone or tablet is tactile as well but in a completely different way for me. 

When I draw on paper I have a feeling of connection to the objective physical world and a sense of being able to alter or augment it on an abstract or existential level by channeling an inner creative force through my physical form and onto another physical form...

When I draw on a mobile device I also have the sense that I am drawing onto a physical form but instead of feeling as though I am altering or augmenting the physical world, I have the sense that my work is heading into the ether or being transmitted onto some other plane of existence, as though the device is like an etch-a-sketch-like window to another dimension. The ability to share my images instantly to various social networks adds to this sensation of creating in a realm beyond form. 

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