To Receive

The Hebrew word Kabbalah means "receive." Kabbalah as a mystical practice is about transforming ourselves into receptive vessels, vessels for receiving Divine wisdom in its varied forms... the "speaking silence," the "small still voice," the experience of union with the Divine Presence.

I was born and raised Jewish, then left the faith for many years, journeying through the landscape of other traditions. I finally returned to my religion of origin following the death of my mother when I began to explore the Judaic rituals for grieving the loss of a loved one. That year I entered into the depths of sorrow and the mysteries of Kabbalah. I began to receive information from an inner source that guided me in my sacred studies and through a process of psycho-spiritual healing. My practice has grown into an integral spirituality with mystical Judaism as my core tradition. The journey of striving to become a receptive vessel for Divine guidance has become the central goal in my life.

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