Van Gogh looking out my window

Here is one of my latest art explorations co-created with the Oilist A.I. Art app (my original photo then processed through a Van Gogh A.I. algorithm)...hence the title (Van Gogh looking out my window). 

The original photo was from a moment where I was looking out the window at wintered trees, and the leaves were turning, and one lone leaf on one almost naked branch gently let go and floated down to the ground. In that moment, witnessing this simple occurrence, I let go of everything & briefly felt like I had became one with the suchness of all that is. 

 Later as I watched the A.I. process the original image I had taken into a swirling stream of morphing pixels I was totally tripping out on the ability to capture snapshots inside an evolving stream of my original image as it was being transformed. 

This is one of those captures and for me, this one actually gets closer to my lived experience than the original photo. So with this final capture of that original moment in time I now feel like Van Gogh was looking through my window and me... May be art of nature and tree

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